Lawns & Landscaping

How you manage your lawn and landscaping affects water quality and water supply. There are many proven ways to have a beautiful yard that isn't harmful to people and natural resources.

5 ways to have a healthier yard that uses less water

Natural lawn care

Keep that play space for your kids and backyard barbeques and save water at the same time

Smart watering

Using efficient practices and tools to keep your yard healthy means saving more money

Use natural pest, weed, & disease control methods

Get ahead of those pesky problems without putting nasty chemicals into the environment

Build healthy soil

Use compost and mulch to improve the health of your soil that supports a more vibrant landscape

Choose the right plants for your site

Understanding the conditions of your site means thriving plants and less watering

Summer Watering Schedule

Between June 1st and September 30th, watering may take place per the following schedule, based on even or odd street address number: